Crown & Bridge

From your diagnostic model(s) H.A.B. Dental can help design and produce all your crown and bridge requirements for your patients. Every case is important at H.A.B. Dental and we will provide you with the best result to meet the needs of your client. 

Our crown and bridge service is endless and complex cases are our specialty. We have the facility to produce your crown and bridge on our premises using digital systems or the traditional manufacturing methods. Products we offer include:

IPS e.max® – CAD PFM Crowns / Bridges / Attachments
IPS e.max® – Press Onlays / Inlays
Zirconia – Translucent High Aesthetics VITA Suprinity© 
Zirconia – Translucent High Strength VITA Enamic®
Zirconia – Layered Veneers
Maryland Bridge Gold Crowns


 If aesthetics is the order of the day we can take your clients to new heights if they desire.